Congratulations on your purchase, we're so excited to have you a part of the A'el Este family!

We think its pretty simple to care for your new piece - but it never hurts to learn more about the materials and what to avoid to keep your design looking it's best for longer.

Please avoid hairspray, moisturisers or any oil based products near your piece as this will eventually cause it to fade and tarnish.

For metal jewellery or crowns with silver, gold or rose gold plating only:

To clean your jewellery or crown - you can slightly dampen the microfibre cloth and wipe it over - just make sure you dont leave it to dry naturally - use a hairdryer on low heat until dry for best results.

For painted jewellery or headpieces:

Please avoid getting the painted pieces damp or using heat to dry as this may effect the painted surfaces. I gentle wipe down should be sufficient.

Ensure all oils have been removed by wiping your product down gently with the microfibre cloth.

Please store out of direct sunlight, in a dry place. Any extra moisture will cause your piece to tarnish.

We recommend to keep your goods in the dust bags / pouches provided.

Please try to not drop your jewellery or headpiece, as the impact will cause soldering to break and crystals and stones to become loose. If you have dropped your piece, please let us know and we can assess the damage and arrange a repair (extra costs may occur).

If you have found loose gems etc. when you open your parcel that have become loose in shipping, please contact us immediately:

Yes! Our crowns and headbands are made for everyone and we have installed an adjustable wire on the inner headband for this purpose. For a video explaining how to adjust - please see HERE (coming soon)

All of our pieces are designed to last, as long as they are treated with care and you have followed all the instructions included in your parcel.

If you are unhappy with your piece, please dont hesitate to email us and we will chat about how we can rectify your concerns.