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Your Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Lust. Romance. Love. There's just something about Valentine's Day. Whether you choose to celebrate it with the one you love, or long to share it with someone special, this day can bring with it a range of emotions. Over time society has come to the realisation that love can be shown and shared in many ways, through many different people, and that Valentine's Day is no longer just for those with a partner.  There is no stronger bond than that of women, so when 'Galentine's Day' was launched in 2010 on February 13th as a tribute to female friendships and a day for celebrating them, it started a world-wide revolution. Our A'el Este team is made up of all women...

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Ashlee Lauren - My Story

My business didn’t begin with a single idea or going out on a whim. A life changing experience paved out this journey, which to this day, is a paradox. While I am eternally grateful, the start of Ashlee Lauren stemmed from an ever changing story, to which I still hold very close to my heart every single day.

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