Real Bride - Rhali

Get swept away on this beautiful fairytale with Rhali and Matt.

I made Rhali's Custom Couture Crown and absolutely loved getting to know her through this process

Read the Article Below to find out what made their day so magical.

Photos by Fox and Kin

Rhali + Matt - A’EL ESTE

Rhali + Matt

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December 1, 2022

Rhali Dobson and Matt Stonham.

I'm very excited to bring you our first published 'Real Bride' for our new website.

It has been a long time coming; i've had this amazing wedding up my sleeve for some time - there was just something about this couple that got to me. When I say that, dont get me wrong - I get goosebumps with all weddings! But, I got to know Rhali (to some extent) through our communications over a year - as I made Rhali a Couture Design for her Fairytale wedding in December last year.

I think like a lot of couples, Rhali and Matt had their fair share of stresses though planning a wedding during Covid, however their story went much deeper than that.

They connected through a shared love of soccer (football for those over the water). Rhali, impressively playing for the Matildas and Matt, supporting her wholeheartedly in what I can imagine was an intense commitment in her sport. (without the financial reward - women's sports - thats a whole other issue 😕)

Until one day, they found out Matt had a brain tumour.

A devastating shock to everyone, Rhali decided she would drop everything and focus on the health and recovery of Matt, the love of her life.

I won't go into a lot of detail, as I just wanted to share just a little piece of their story so that when you see the love in their eyes, you understand what they have been through, what they are going through and the future they hold so dearly.


 bride looks at groom in love, bride wears custom design bridal crown tiara headband for fairytale wedding

When Rhali contacted me, we instantly connected. I could tell she was down to earth and just so real. I mean real in the sense of knowing who she was and what she wanted. 

She wanted a fairytale.

Rhali wanted a custom crown, something that complimented her theme, so we started on designing her couture headpiece straight away.

We focused on a whimsical look that was delicate and full of character without taking away from any other detail.

We worked with a Rose Gold base, but also added mixed metals, pearls, baby blue and pink.

I just love how her whole look came together - I hope you enjoy seeing her photos as much as I did!

Congratulations to you Rhali and Matt - wishing you all the best.


-Ashlee Lauren x



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