New York Fashion Week - Part 2 - A’EL ESTE

New York Fashion Week - Part 2

Inserito da Ashlee Kalantarian il giorno

Despite the news, we tried to remain cool, calm and collected. All we could do was wait and ensure the models we did have were 100% ready for the runway and in order. With ten minutes until runway time you could feel the tension and slight panic in the room. After what felt like eternity, we finally had models presenting themselves to us every few minutes stating they were going to be walking for us. It was absolute madness getting them dressed, fitting their headpieces whilst hair and makeup tried to get them ready at the same time as well as making them aware of the vision we desperately wanted for the show.

We still laugh now about how the models were instantly able to switch to game mode. Backstage, their shoes were two sizes too small or too big as they weren’t at our fittings, they were prodded and poked trying to listen to six people at once, some were unsure of their placement in the line up, one girl was almost crying and I even had to cut another girls underwear before she walked out, yet when they stepped foot on that stage they were fierce, professional and absolutely nailed the brief. It’s definitely reassured of us of one thing, model life is not all that glamorous. The girls marched out, then Ash stepped onto stage to acknowledge the crowd at the end – and that was it. It was over. Months of hard work, determination and a lot of planning was all over within 5 minutes.

New York Fashion Week

After our runway Ash and I stepped out to watch the runways of Elliatt, Flare Street and Haus of Song. The calibre of Australian talent on the international stage was to be commended and the excitement of the crowd at the new season designs was evident of that. Pretty patterns, bright pastels, dazzling embellishments and detailed silhouettes were stand outs on the runway. Bronx and Banco also showcased before us and we were lucky to enough to talk to Head Designer Natalie back stage, their designs were flawless and adventurous. At the show we even met up with an Adelaide couple who were visiting New York, that we had met and invited to the show two nights earlier in a little bar in Greenwich Village. Goes to show, no matter where in the world you are you will always find South Australians.


After the show we popped another bottle of Moët, and celebrated all night long. Literally.

We were invited to the Fashion Palette after-party at the Standard hotel in New York, a popular and modern hotel and bar well-known to celebrities. Excitement levels were ridiculously high. We quickly headed backward to our apartment and dropped our runway gear off and set off for the Standard Hotel. We had a bite to eat and a cocktail or two then went to the nightclub area and made our way up. We got through to the sectioned off area, and it was the Boom Boom Room, one of the most exclusive rooftop nightclubs in Manhattan and known to the city’s elite. I think I speak on behalf of all of us in that moment when I say we died and went to heaven. The views over NYC were insane, the room itself was ridiculously amazing and it was just surreal. If you haven’t heard of the Boom Boom Room, Google it. Now.



There didn’t seem to be many people, so we figured whilst we waited for the rest of the designers we would order one hundred espresso martinis and spend about half an hour trying to get the ultimate picture/video/snapchat of the views, nothing sufficed to being there. After a while people slowly started flowing in and before long we sensed some kind of costume theme that we obviously hadn’t been made aware of. Men started walking in wearing wings, one guy was dressed as Little Bo Beep on stilts, there was glitter and sequins and even the occasional nudity. Avant garde costumes, theatrical makeup and drag queens filled the room. The diversity was amazing and unlike anything any of us had ever seen before. Ash went to investigate, and to get headpieces for us to wear and business cards – this was a crowd that weren’t afraid to be adventurous!


Once back, Ash fleeted her way through the now pumping crowd, the room had filled up and you could barely move. She came back beaming and giggling, she had seen Jess from Fashion Palette with all the other designers in a separate room, no where near the level of crazy as the Boom Boom Room. She broke the hilarious news – we were in completely the wrong area to what we were supposed to be in, instead we had managed to crash an extremely exclusive Fashion Week Sex and Bondage Party! Did we leave? No way! Instead we got photos with some of the most outrageous costumes and made friends with as many people we could whilst talking up Ashlee Lauren.


We (sadly) ventured on and went back to the Little Bar which Ash and I had been only a few nights earlier, Employees Only. Unfortunately there were no crazy stories of half-naked angels, but we did continue on a little game Ash and I started on the previous night we were there. They had some vintage looking post-cards, so we had the wonderful (and only slightly intoxicated idea) that we would ask everyone we met or spoke to, to write down anything they wanted on their card and we would keep them as a momento of our trip and place them in the studio upon our return back to Mount Gambier.

Here were some of our favourites (and that didn’t have obscene illustrations attached to them):

“You ladies have been such a breath of fresh air and a reminder that you never know when or where you’ll meet amazing people – see you at Mardi Gras!”
- Evan Todd / Actor

“You know what, SA girls rock, even more so in New York City, come drink amazing SA wine with us! Be brave, and back yourself even when Macy’s want 2000 crowns!”
- Mela / From SA and works for Advertiser – came to our runway!

“The human heart in conflict with itself is the most ubiquitous and significant struggle which a person must endure”
- Keith Larry / Bartender at Employees Only

“Good luck on your fashion week, best of times in USA”
- Pat Christensen / Tourist in NYC

I could ramble for hours, but I guess to sum the blog up, New York was amazing. The people were amazing. Our time was amazing.

But even more amazing, was you, our supporters. We couldn’t have done it without you. We felt backed and encouraged and supported 100% of the time. We received countless messages of support and good luck wishes, and we know everyone was with us in spirit. So, Thankyou.

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