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Your Galentine's Day Gift Guide

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Lust. Romance. Love. There's just something about Valentine's Day. Whether you choose to celebrate it with the one you love, or long to share it with someone special, this day can bring with it a range of emotions. Over time society has come to the realisation that love can be shown and shared in many ways, through many different people, and that Valentine's Day is no longer just for those with a partner. 
There is no stronger bond than that of women, so when 'Galentine's Day' was launched in 2010 on February 13th as a tribute to female friendships and a day for celebrating them, it started a world-wide revolution. Our A'el Este team is made up of all women and we take any chance to showcase how strong, inspiring, diverse and fierce women, including ourselves, can be. We celebrate each other's highs, we hold each other through the lows, we encourage one another constantly, and we are always laughing through the days together. 
So this year on February 13th maybe take a chance to stop and reflect on the important females in your life. The one's who are celebrating you, holding you, and encouraging you. We've collated our favourite A'el Este pieces that would not only make a perfect Galentine's Day gift but perhaps be an everlasting keepsake for their Birthday, Mother's Day, or Wedding Day.
Remember, on both Galentine's and Valentine's Day, the most important person to spoil and show love to, is yourself. Happy Shopping XO
Everyone loves flowers, especially when they're unexpected. The Bella Headpiece combines golden florals and intricate detailing in one beautifully crafted piece, perfect for the friend who loves to make a statement. This piece is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and will suit a range of hair tones and styles. 
 The A'el Este Seraphina Perfume is a refined composition of Petitgrain and Mandarin with soft tones of Peony, making it a signature go-to for all year round wear. This is the ultimate gift for yourself as it is unapologetically feminine, can be utilised at anytime and is a statement fragrance for any occasion. 
These sparkling little beauties are the newest addition to our Crystal Jewellery collection, and will pair beautifully with a multitude of outfits and event wear. Available in seven different colourways, the Gigi Floral Earrings are the ideal gift for any of your girlfriends varied tastes and individual styles. 
For the friend who has recently become engaged, say hello to Zenni. This lightweight Art-Deco inspired headband is a stunning piece on it's own, or can be layered and paired beautifully with other A'el Este pieces. Suitable for an Engagement Party, Hen's Show, Bridal Shower, or for the Wedding the Zenni will create an unforgettable gift. 
A super simple keepsake for your mum or sister, the Nala Earrings will become their favourite pair of studs for every day or occasion wear. Featuring crystal embellishments and a sparkling centred pearl on a luxurious golden base, these earrings are a beautiful little gesture to spread some love this Galentine's Day. 
When you just can't choose, or you want to make sure to get them something they'll really love, an A'el Este Gift Card is your best and safest selection.  Beginning at $50.00 AUD, and going right through to $500.00 AUD these gift cards can be used anywhere on our online store and will be a lovely memorable gesture. 
We hope you all have a special and love-filled Galentine's and Valentine's Day!
Love from the A'el Este Team X

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