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A'el Este is an accessories brand by designer Ashlee Lauren, renowned for it's distinctive millinery and headbands, tailored for special events.

With a dedication to crafting unique and vibrant designs, A'el Este epitomises modern, high fashion elegance. Each piece is meticulously created with a keen eye for quality and a touch of creativity, ensuring they stand out in a crowd.

Worn by celebrities and influencers alike, A'el Este accessories are highly coveted, reflecting the brand's commitment to staying ahead of trends. Packaged with care using the A'el Este keepsake boxes, these accessories add a touch of sophistication and edge to any occasion, from the prestigious Melbourne Cup races to birthday celebrations and engagement parties. A'el Este sets the standard for statement-making accessories that elevate every special event.

We hope you find something special that expresses your individual style x

Millinery Races Headband Accessories Australia

For those seeking a touch of whimsy, A'el Este's range of colourful headbands and fascinators are unparalleled. Imagine a scene at the races where a pink millinery creation catches the eye, or a bold blue headband stands out amidst the crowd. Whether it's a classic pink headband for a refined look or a statement-making blue millinery piece, A'el Este ensures that every wearer feels like royalty, no matter the occasion.

The company's dedication to catering to the racing scene is evident in their diverse selection of headpieces tailored specifically for such events. From delicate floral headpieces to sleek black veil headbands adorned with studs, A'el Este offers options that blend tradition with modern flair. Accessories such as feather hairpieces and gold hair accessories add a touch of sophistication, ensuring that every race day ensemble is elevated to new heights.

A'el Este's commitment to innovation is showcased in collaborations with esteemed designers like Sheike and Prada, resulting in head-turning creations like the iconic Prada sequin headband or the Sheike earrings that perfectly complement any headpiece. Whether it's a statement piece like the Max Alexander fascinator or a subtle yet chic black headband for races, A'el Este's collection caters to every taste and style.

From boho-inspired headpieces to intricately bejewelled creations, A'el Este transcends expectations, offering a world where imagination knows no bounds. With their extensive range of accessories, including clip-in veils, crown headpieces, and even rainbow rhinestone earrings, A'el Este ensures that every wearer can embrace their individuality with flair and panache. Whether it's a pink wedding veil, a coral headband, or a yellow beaded headband, A'el Este's pieces are more than mere accessories; they're expressions of artistry and style, destined to leave an indelible mark on every special occasion. Headbands Lelet NY