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Il nostro nuovo squisito orecchino Navi è perfetto per il tuo prossimo evento. 

Caratterizzato da una borchia di cristallo rosa circondata da cristalli trasparenti.

Centro di cristallo smeraldo tra un fiore di cristallo trasparente e rifinito con una lacrima di opale. 

Con un peso di 18 g ciascuno e una misura di 3 cm x 7 cm, questi orecchini sono facili da indossare. 

Presentato in una borsa per orecchini A'EL ESTE Keepsake.

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All of our products are designed and packaged in our South Australian Studio.

As a manufacturer and retailer of jewellery and accessories, it is of the utmost importance to us that we create responsibly, source mindfully and ensure that all of our pieces are produced sustainably and ethically.

The fast fashion industry has supported a culture of devaluing well-made, thoughtfully purchased jewellery in favour of disposable, seasonal pieces that have a limited lifespan. We believe that like art, jewellery should hold meaning and sentimental significance. We want our customers to invest in their own A'EL ESTE piece because they feel connected to not only the aesthetic of the piece, but the story behind it.